On November 10, Pieter Wittenberg will leave for Lesvos again. This time not to do refugee work. Together with his Greek lawyer, he will prepare for his defense in a lawsuit. Together with 21 other people, he must appear before a criminal court in Mytilini on November 18 on suspicion of, among other things, people smuggling and espionage.

In 2016 and 2017 Pieter was skipper on a lifeboat of the Greek NGO ERCI (Early Response Center International). He also stood watch on the beach to receive refugees who arrived on unseaworthy boats crossing the Aegean Sea to Lesvos. This was before ShowerPower was founded and the allegations have nothing to do with ShowerPower.

Pieter is convinced of his innocence, saving and helping people should not be a crime. We expect a good outcome.