ShowerPower is a private initiative of Dinne van der Vlis (chairman), Pieter Wittenberg (treasurer) and Liesbeth Bloemendal (co-founder). All three of them have helped refugees on Lesbos. The board of ShowerPower consists of Dinne, Pieter and secretary Frederik van Lookeren Campagne.

Policy plan ShowerPower:

‘The foundation aims at supporting refugees, migrants and victims of persecution, regardless of their origin, race, religious conviction or sexual preferences or inclination, all in the broadest sense of the word, and helping them to recover their damaged self-image in order to regain their human dignity.’

We find the situation in camp Moria disgraceful and have decided to found the ShowerPower Foundation. Everyone who helps ShowerPower or works with us does so without being paid and voluntarily. Team leaders can be eligible for a compensation of travelling expenses. ShowerPower wants to give a sense of dignity to people on the run. That’s why we have established a house to give refugees a safe place where they can take a warm shower. ShowerPower ended these activities in March 2020 because of the violence against volunteers and refugees and due to COVID-19. However, ShowerPower doesn’t abandon the mission! That’s why we start a judicial process to get to the root of the problem. How we are doing this exactly? You can read that here!


*For further information download our annual report, policy plan or a copy of the charter and statutes here.


Article 3 section 5 of the statutes:
The board members are not paid for their activities. They are entitled to a compensation of the costs made in the exercise of their duties.