Arrianne Van De Bospoort-de Vries volunteered for the second time with ShowerPower. Here some last reflections, on her way home….

On my way to the Netherlands I look at the pictures on my phone…
It was an amazing time. Despite the horrible situation of Camp Moria.
I know that I gave something. That it was good to ‘just be’. A cup of tea together, a laugh. And communicating with gestures and the three farsi words that I know.
About being married, work, music, facial cream, eyes and more.
A young teenage girl, she had so many questions. Why did we as volunteers not understand each other, as we were all from Europe? Don’t we speak ‘european’ ?
They liked to make selfies with us, I saw them enjoy it. Giggling whilst deciding which bra they would like, padded or not… wired or not….
The older ladies liked to sit in the chair next to the fire… looking at what was happening, with a smile.
Yesterday our teamleader asked, what do you want for today?
‘To meet people’ is what came to me mind straight away. And in that meeting, to make sure that people feel loved.
Tonight I will sleep at home! And I am grateful to God… my own home… safe…. with my family.